How I wear my High Bun for the office.


We are way into the years of embracing natural hair so much that it should not even be a shock anymore lol. I still get asked a lot if I feel comfortable wearing my hair in twist outs, buns, bantu knots etc in the corporate workplace. As confident as I am, I was not confident at first. I remember in my transitioning stage, anytime I was invited to an event or went out at night with friends, I always put weave in my hair or wore a wig. Honestly I just didnt feel pretty yet. I felt as if everyone was looking at me. I remember I had an interviw and I wore a wig. When I got home I felt ashamed, almost like I was cheating on my hair!

Overtime I became very confident wearing my natural hair. At times, I am the only naturally curly girl in the room. And I love it! I also applaud the other lovely natural ladies before me who wore their hair with confidence, which in turn, helped me because more confident as well. So now, I do still work in the corporate world, and I love wearing new exciting styles that help exude how much I love my hair and myself.


So ladies, whats your natural go to hairstyle for the office? Straightened, curly, a protective style, etc? Shoot me your answers below.