My Everyday Hair Care Essentials

Hello Everyone! I wanted to throw together a quick post of my essential everyday hair care items. These do not include the products I use for deep conditions, pre poo’s, two strand twists, etc. These are the products in my bathroom that I literally use everyday. Whether im doing a quick high puff, or just refreshing a previous twist/braid out, these are the products I need by my bathroom mirrior at all times lol



  1. Spray bottle with cold waterScreenshot_2015-11-18-15-51-11-1 (sorry I didnt crop out the EVOO, but I also use EVOO as well, but not for an everyday hair care item). Some of the great qualities of using cold water on the hair are: it is a natural detoxification, It helps slow down oil build up, it tightens the cuticle layer, helps to seal in moisture, and increases shine. It was a bit uncomfortable to wash in cold water at first, but after I saw how it has helped my hair, I got used to it.


2. Spectrum Organic Coconut OilScreenshot_2015-11-18-15-45-27-1I must say after having a lot of trial and error with different oils, I really have come to love this brand! It has the consistency of lard (hardens when cold, melts when warm). I also use this oil when I do the LOC meathod (liquid, oil, cream). It coats my strands nicely and believe it or not, it doesnt leave me with a nasty oily build up. Its almost like it melts into my hair. It helps to reduce protein loss in your strands, as well as helps keep your hair moist and soft longer as coconut oil cannot be easily broken down or evaporated.


3. Cream of Nature Perfect EdgesScreenshot_2015-11-18-15-55-46-1I cannot express enough how much this product does wonders for my edges! just a small amount goes a long way. I love that it is alcohol free and it doesn’t flake in my hair. It is infused with argon oil which leaves my edges feeling moisturized. The smell is pleasant and I like the consinstancy of the product. It is pretty small but it is a good bang for your buck because you are not supposed to use a large amount anyway.


4. Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture MistScreenshot_2015-11-18-15-58-19-1 This product leaves my hair moist with a very slight hold. It also smells fantastic. I have also noticed even though it seems like I use this everyday, the products doesn’t seem to be running out (weird huh?) I use this product mostly when I want to refresh an older twist/braid out I am rocking. It helps to tame my wild curls and gice them a sasha fierce look. They are a great product for helping to define your curls and waves. It literally helps to tame the frizz and give a refreshed look.


So ladies….what are your everyday go to hair products? Have you tried any of the products listed above? if so, what were your experiences? Give me your thoughts below.




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