My hair and the winter blues………..

Hello beautiful folks! I wanted to give you a post about tame my mane in this cold weather. If you dont know I live in very cold Minneapolis, MN. We have very long winters here, I mean you do get used to it overtime. Since being natural I have decided that Winter is my hairs worst season. lol  Me personally, I hate being cold and feeling cold, so I do tend to get a bit lazy with my hair during this time. I mostly keep it in protective styles or a bun. I do not do many twist or braid outs and thats specificly my opinion for my hair. I am covered up in big thick hats and hoods most of the winter so my natural hair style doesnt show much unless im going out and about (which in these MN winters I go to work and thats about it lol Im a house mouse.



Screenshot_2015-11-20-13-23-12-1My 2 strand twist. (this is a pic from about a yr ago, but I do them the same way now)

If I wear a silk scarf at night like I am supposed to this style can last for me  a week or more. As long as I have some edge control and a light mist to refresh im good to go. I may wear the twist down the first couple of days, then when it gets frizzy I pull it into a back bun, or leave a few out as bangs and put the rest into a high bun. What I like most about 2 strand twist is the ability to change it up.



Screenshot_2015-11-20-13-22-33-1My Head wrap game too strong during the winter lol.  The way my headwrap is in this photo, is the usual way I wrap. (if I am just around the house I will gather it in the back of my head to stay out of my face). Its easy peasy and takes about 30 secounds. A nice fresh makeup look and some cute earrings make my headwraps pop if I am going out on the town or to visit friends. You can also wear headwraps in most corporate job sites. I think you cant go wrong with a drawer full of headscarfs in various sizes, colors and patterns 🙂



Screenshot_2015-11-20-13-33-13-1Super High Knot 🙂

I love this high knot. Very fast and easy to do. You can wrap this at night and just refresh in the morning, or you can redo it each time. A little water, coconut oil, and some edge control and I am out. Depending on where I am going and what I am doing, I either make my knot super sleek and clean, or I let a few strands out to give it that cute messy look. Fresh light makeup and some earrings and im good to go 🙂



Screenshot_2015-11-20-13-36-40-1 My natural hair straightened 🙂

Of course I love this look but I think I may only wear this for the Thanksgiving holiday. I try my best not to put too much heat on my strands. Maily because I feel like I need to educate myself a lot more on the pros and cons of heat on the heair, plus the various heat protectants they have out on the market. So as I learn more and more about this process I will keep heat in my hair to a minimum. Make sure to give me any and all of the advice you got on heat and natural hair 🙂



Screenshot_2015-11-24-13-38-26-1 Long individual braids w/weave added.

I love love love individual braids! These are a pic of mines from summer 2015. Anyone who has had individuals knnow that they are easy to style and keep up. Very long lasting. I mean, if you can get over the 5+ hours you have a sit in a chair you will be fine. I made sure to keep them washed and tied down at night with a silk scarf. This winter I would like to get some singlanease twist. I heard even if you get them long (like i prefer) they still take less than individuals which is great for me (im super impatient).



Screenshot_2015-11-24-13-39-51-1 Last but not least, sew in or Quick weave.

I have to admit I have been getting these since way before I went natural. The versitility is right up my alley as i have to change up my hair opten so that I wont get bored. I try to stick to a sew in, but since I do them myself and they are very time consuming (plus im no stylist by a long shot lol), I usually stick with a quick weave. When I do a quick weave I make sure to wash and condition thoroughly. I protect my hair as much as possible from glue. I do a pretty good job with that. I never have problems with my hair being pulled out by glue or anything. Plus I still have my edges lol. In the future I will try to get more sew ins but I will definitly have to go to a professional.


Well alrighty there yall go!! If you see me in the streets, I will most likely be wearing 1 of the above styles. Leave me a comment below on how you style and protect your hair for the winter.



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