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Confidence & Curls–Is your little one loving their hair???

Hello my fellow natural hair ladies. In this post, I want to focus on our daughters aka our “mini me’s” and how confident they are with their hair. When I transitioned and big chopped a few years ago, I went through a very awkward “ugly” stage. I felt no style looked good on me, I couldn’t even put my hair into a small ponytail. My confidence was definitely at its lowest. My daughter has never had any relaxer, color, perm etc….so her hair is from birth 100% natural. She is also half East African, so not only is her hair thick and curly…its SUPER thick, curly, wavy, and kinky.




Now that my daughter is growing up and out of her braids(lol)she is finding her own identity, and different hairstyles she likes. Now, at home we are natural hair advocates, but outside our home is a whole other story. Her school and friends are very diverse, which I love. Everyone is different. She did go through a stage where all she wanted or thought was beautiful was straight hair, and even got a little mad when I told her your hair will not be this straight everyday. Even if I flat-iron it properly…as soon as you sweat, it can get a little fizzy.


I make sure to make wash days and deep condition days fun. I let her come to the stores with me to buy shampoo, conditioners, and other products. We even look at the labels together to get the most natural products possible. We read hair magazines together and YouTube tutorials together.


I had to explain to her the definition of “shrinkage” lol. Her hair straightened or wet, is very long, down the middle of her back. Of course once it dries it looks waaaaay shorter, and she sometimes hates that. I also had to teach her the pros and cons of heat on the hair. If I flat-iron it 1 day, she makes sure to let me know “hey mom, you can’t keep putting heat on my hair or I will lose my curls) lol.


We experiment with different bows, headbands, etc. I try my best to make her hair and her hair experience as fun and loving as possible. She is at the point where she loves her curls ( on wash days she calls herself curly sue). She embraces her hair, and knows that even though it may not be as mainstream or popular as straight or relaxed hair, she is still just as gorgeous. Even when im frustrated with my hair (c’mon ladies…we’ve all had that day where nothing comes out right), I make sure not to voice it in front of her. If she sees me frustrated and hating my hair, she will most definitely follow suit.


All in all, My little one is pretty confident of her curly mane. We still have lots to go though. Especially in a time where perceptions of beauty are to be perfect. I will just continue to love her, support her, teach her, and make big beautiful curly hair a fun experience!!!


Please leave me questions and comments, I would love to hear your feedback!




4 thoughts on “Confidence & Curls–Is your little one loving their hair???

    1. thank you. i only have one daughter that’s me and her in the pic 🙂 I’ve been trying to find different ways to stretch my hair while drying to illuminate shrinkage.

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