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*******Let Me Interview You in 2016*******

Hello everyone!! Thanks once again for checking out my blog. Okay, for this post I decided to let you all know something exciting I want to start in 2016. Interviewing! I got the idea a few weeks ago while browsing a few people on twitter.

***I feel we have to support each other. It’s up to us to network and get our names out there***


I want to give interviews and put them on my blog so you all can see more inside a bloggers mind lol. Not just why and what started them to go natural & blog about it, but fun things as well. I want to feature natural hair/beauty/fashion bloggers and YouTubers. I also want to interview normal natural ladies, as well as working mom natural ladies. I want to get better perspectives for all so I can better myself in this blog game.


Leave me comments and send me an email if you are interested in being interviewed and featured on my blog. I know im just a beginner but we all have to start somewhere. lol.

Talk to you all soon! PEACE 🙂

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