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**Bobbi Brown Bellini Lip & Eye Palette**

Hello everyone! Once again thank you for stopping by corporateandcurly πŸ™‚ I wanted to share with you all a birthday gift I received that I am very excited about.

I recently celebrated my birthday last Friday (Jan 22nd), and one of my best friends gave me my favorite bottle of wine, as well as this eye and lip palette by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics .


First off, I have to say that the packaging was very attractive andΒ Β  had a grown & sexy look to it. It came in a medium small box, which was covered in a picture of golden and rose gold colored pearls. (my kinda style)

Upon opening the box, I found the contents were also inside another smaller black box. It made the product seem chic before I even opened it πŸ™‚ It also gave the feeling of suspense, like waiting to open a christmas gift. Hey, us women love a little suspense from time to time . Especially when it comes in gifts. πŸ™‚


After openeing the black box, I was able to sit face to face with this gorgeous palette . It is bigger than the standard sample size, yet small enough to fit in your clutch.


As you can see this eye and lip palette is simply stunning!! It also comes prepared with a eye shadow and lip brush for easy application. (plz excuse my camouflage shirt in the mirror).


The eye shadow colors are as follows from top left:

Navajo (eye shadow)
Candlelight Gold (metallic eye shadow)
Petal (shimmer wash eye shadow)
Cement (eye shadow)
Prosecco (metallic eye shadow)


Bottom left:

Truffle (eye shadow)
Bellini (shimmer wash eye shadow)
Bronze Stone (shimmer wash eye shadow)
Brown Sugar (metallic eye shadow)
Caviar (eye shadow)

The lip glosses are super cute as well (not sure if they are in correct order)
imageBubble Bath (lip gloss)
Chrome Pink (shimmer lip gloss)
Bellini (glitter lip gloss)
Bare (glitter lip gloss)

I can’t wait to play around in this palette and find the perfect look! Have any of you tried it yet? Did you like it? Please dont forget to leave a comment and share πŸ™‚ Until we meet again….PEACE πŸ™‚


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