Morning my fellow curlies! Thanks again for stopping by. I wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I finally colored my hair! If you are a familiarย with the blog, you may remember my previous post about me researching different hair colors because I was curious about trying some color. If you haven’t you can check it out here.


I used Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Color in the hue Sun Kissed Brown #377. Inside the box were plastic gloves, instructions, cream developer, hair color, and moisture rich conditioner. (Which I’m sure most of you who have colored your hair before are familiar with this)

I added the hair color to the cream developer as per instructions. Then shake shake shake.


Long story short, I applied as per instructions. Since it was my first time using hair color and my hair texture is curly/kinky, I left it in for about 30 minutes. Then rinsed and conditioned.image

Personally I have pros and cons about my finished results. All in all I think it looks pretty good. I definitely will do a lot different next time. Hear more details in the video below:

Thanks once again for stopping by. Make sure to like and comment. I want to know your hair color experiences. The good, bad and the ugly. Also, make sure you check out my quiz page here for another fun quiz to take regarding this post. Until we meet again. PeAcE โค๏ธ