Good morning beautiful people. In my spirit, I felt i absolutely had to use this platform in order to spread love & positivity this morning. We all know by now of the horrible violence that has hurt us all this week.

I’m not going to give my personal opinions on the specific cases here. What I’m focused on doing is spreading love and positivity to all of you. There is so much hate surrounding us that it makes me sick. Especially since one of these horrendous incidents happened where I live here in MN.

We have to remember to love each other. Regardless of race, we have to come together.

If no one has told  you yet today, I love you. I pray for you. I wish positivity into your and your families lives.

I am affected. I am hurt. I am human. I am in fear.


Rest in peace to everyone whom has lost their lives to gun violence this week. Through these horrible acts, I really do hope that it brings up all together. Thank you again for stopping by. Lets start a dialog. Leave any comments you would like to. Until next time. PeAcE. ✌❤