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Two strand twist  *Protective Style Series*

With the summertime here and in full effect. You all know that I love a good protective style to help my hair beat the heat. Yesterday I decided to do some two strand twist. These are actually my easy go to protective style

Here is a quick mini tutorial:

  1. I started with clean hair. So I just added some leave in conditioner to help soften and detangle.
  2. I then finger parted my hair into about 6 sections.
  3. I took small sections of hair and implemented the L.O.C. (liquid, oil, cream) method. Spray with water, then add a small amount of oil, then a small amount of creamy product.
  4. After all my twist were done. I added more oil all over and let them air dry for about an hour.
  5. Bunched the twist together (About 3 or 4) and twisted them into small, thin curl rods.
  6. Added a silk scarf. And let it set overnight.

More details in my YouTube video below:

Products used:


Here is how the twist look with curl rods on the ends.

If you wrap your twist at night with a silk scarf, and use a little oil to refresh in the morning, this style should hold for about a week. When you untwist, you will have another curly style to wear for another few days.

Thank you again for stopping by corporateandcurly! Don’t forget to check out the protective style series and also my YouTube channel. Like, comment, and share! Until next time PeAcE ☮✌🏾


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