Alicia Keys and the #nomakeupmovement ๐Ÿšซ

When I first saw Alicia Keys wear a bare face to the VMAs I wasn’t super shocked like the rest of the world, but more curious on what drove her decision. I  believe women are beautiful without makeup and also with a beat face. Me personally, i wear makeup, but never a full face. I cover up my eye circles, blend, fix my brows, a lil eye shimmer, mascara and a cute lippie and that’s about it.

Now why did she start this no makeup movement? On May 31st she wrote an intimate post for LetterLenny.com (you can check out her amazing post here). She gave such an organic reason for her decision, and I must say after reading it, I have so much more admiration and respect for her.

She points to the fact that wanting to feel perfect may start early and you may not have even noticed it. Was it the day you had a school dance and felt you had to have to most beat fact to feel pretty? Was it on your way to work and you felt you can sacrifice being a few minutes late because you forgot to apply some concealer? Or was it on a first date where you felt you had to have on a tight outfit, long weave and beat face to match? I myself am very guilty of this. Sometimes I make sure I put on makeup before a night out with friends or even out to dinner with family. I often leave the house without a stitch of makeup (quick errands etc), and I must admit many of those times I feel less than pretty, I feel like males wont look at me and women will judge me.

As women we are so harsh toward one another. I’ve seen posts on Facebook and Instagram, where a woman is ridiculed if her eyebrows aren’t shaped and filled in correctly. ive seen memes which say “don’t trust a girl with messy eyebrows”. Here are some that I really dislike:


So i must say I love and embrace the #nomakeupmovement. I no longer want to feel ugly if I decide to not wear makeup. I want to be looked as strong, fearless, and inspirational. I want other women to uplift each other to be themselves and to let each other know its okay to strip away all the unnessecities.

How do you feel about the #nomakeupmovement? How did you honestly feel when you saw Alicia Keys bare faced at the VMAs. Will you ever go bare faced to an important event? C’mon you all I really want to start a dialog about this. Leave your comments and share this post also. Lets show support to each other and build each other up. Until we meet again. PeAce.

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