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❄️☃️Winter dry hair & itchy scalp solutions☃️❄️

Winter is here and yes the pretty snow and holiday cheer is welcomed, but the way it treats my hair is not. The winter season by far does the most damage to my hair out of the entire year. You can check out my last year winter post about my winter hair blues here.


My strands get way more dehydrated than usual and my scalp itches way more than normal which can be extremely frustrating. I’ve come up with a few dos and don’ts for the winters dryness and itching. Lets take a look:


DON’T scratch your scalp with your fingernails. I am guilty of this but try to resist. Peppermint oil is great for an itchy scalp.


DO a gentle fingertip massage instead if you get an itch.


DON’T pile on excessive product.


DO use product in moderation especially close to the scalp. Concentrate more on the ends of your strands instead. Excessive buildup on your scalp which definitely can cause itching.


DO weekly hot oil treatments. This has helped my hair and scalp tremendously in the winter months. My hair is on the 4a, 4b side and with the dry winter air my hair can get very brittle with low maintenance. A weekly hot oil treatment soothes my scalp from itching as well as gives my dehydrated strands the moisture I’m missing.


DO an apple cider vinegar scalp rinse. I use ACV a lot inside of my household because of its many benefits. Especially helping with an itchy scalp. I start by mixing some ACV with water inside of a spray bottle. Then I generously spray in sections on my scalp all over my head. I then massage my scalp with my fingers and continue with my wash or co wash routine (I only do this ACV scalp rinse on wash or co wash days so that I can wash it out after the application).


DON’T ignore your hair and scalp! During the winter many women with natural hair opt for a protective style (guilty as charged!). We all know the benefits if protective styling in the winter which includes less hair breakage, less heat damage, etc. Check out more positives for protective styling here. Make sure to keep your hair and scalp oiled and moisturized.


DO oil your scalp instead of greasing it. We all used to love some good ole blue magic back in the day but we must remember grease sits and builds on the scalp causing dirt and itching. Choose an oil instead. Jojoba and tea tree oils are some if the best for the scalp in the winter months.


I hope some of these tips can help you through a dry itchy winter. They definitely have for me. Make sure to leave any questions and comments below. How to you tackle dry hair and an itchy scalp during the winter? Until we meet next time. PeAcE☮️


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