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Natural Hair Tutorial **Side flat twist**

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a quick post to show you my go to hairstyle….my side parted flat twist.

This style is super easy and makes your hair super defined and curly. Here is my quick step by step tutorial on how I achieve this hairstyle.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

1. Start with clean stretched hair.

2. Part hair in two sections…from ear to ear so that you have hair in front and hair in the back.

3. Start to part and flat twist the hair in the back first. I ended up with about 6 flat twist going downward in the back of my head.

4. Start to part and flat twist the front. I went freestyle for this section. I did a few flat twist from ear to ear and others more heavily on the right side of my face. (I did this so my curls would purposely fall toward the right side)


5. Let twist air dry or secure with a silk scarf if wearing overnight.

6. When taking down the twist, use oil (I used coconut oil) in between your figures to gently unravel so that you can control frizz.

7. Use a pick or wide tooth comb to fluff and make your hair bigger, then separate each twist with your fingers for overall definition.


Here is the finished look after i fluffed and finger separated. I have a nice big firce curly fro that was gorgeous and went great with my night out.



If you like my simple night out makeup look let me know and I will give a step by step video tutorial on both corporateandcurly as well as my youtube page. Hey check out my youtube page here! Make sure to subscribe!

I hope you enjoyed this quick style which will go great for a holiday party, date night, or just a night out with the girls. Make sure to like and subscribe and leave any comments below. Until we meet again…PeAcE.☮





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