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Trends to leave๐Ÿšซ in 2016 & what to expect in 2017๐ŸŽŠ

As we are literally in the last days of 2016 I can’t help but to reflect on the many blessings I’ve received thus far. I hope your past year was exciting, blessed, and fulfilled. Let me know how you sum up your 2016 in a nutshell here.


Seeing as trends come and goย so quickly nowadays, I’m always looking forward to seeing what ย are the upcoming fashion and beauty trends for the new year. I’m also equally excited to see what trends we will ditch. You know, those ones that made us all scratch our heads lol. Can we please let go of:

Too much highlighter

I live for a good highlight! An excessive amount leaves a metallic looking finish that just screams “too much”.

Too much contour

Sorry Monique that contour is a lot, but I still love ya!

Too boxy and constructed brows

Chile I really can’t wait until this trend makes an exit. Too dark, boxy, and unrealistic are not words that should describe your brows.


Me personally, ย I prefer my natural brows to be lightly filled in with a brown brow pencil and just a little concealer to clean them up.

Fake freckles

ย I have no idea where this trend came from but I can’t wait until it leaves. I think natural freckles are so gorgeous. Some are going so far as to get freckles tattooed on their faces!


Enough of those. Here are a few trends I am excited to see starting spring 2017: (click links in order to see examples from the runway)

Yellow Yellow!

During fashion week I noticed many shades of yellow walking down the runway. It looks like the bright happy tone is making a comeback.

One shoulder tops & dresses

I like this trend. It gives a hint of sexy without showing too much.

Pile on bracelets


A trend I hope never stops! It doesn’t matter if your rocking singles, crochets, feed ins, or braided into a ponytail. Braids are a staple in natural hairstyles.

Soft pink nails

Yeeeeesss! I live for a soft pink mani and pedi. They make you look and feel so feminine. Here are my 2 all time favorite pink shades that i purchase often from Essie.


Glitter nails

You cant go wrong withย glitter especially on your nails.


This is the nail color I am currently wearing. Pure Ice in the color ‘Studette’.

ย Glitter full sets are coming back. Having a soft or nude color paired with a nice glittery shimmer top coat turns normal nails into fierce nails.


What are some trends that you feel we should let die in 2016? What trends are you looking forward to seeing in 2017? Leave your answers in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Until we meet again…PeAcE.

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