🌟New year! New content! 🌟 Same me!

Hey everyone! I know im a few days late in saying it but Happy New Year! 2016 was a pretty good year for me and I’m excited for what 2017 has to bring. Especially for my blog and my YouTube channel. Check out my channel here. More content, tutorials, hauls, look books, contests, and more!


I have huge visions and goals for my brand corporateandcurly. 1 thing I promised myself for the year 2017 was that I am done being afraid. Afraid of the unknown and of change. I am ready to conquer my dreams 1 road at a time. In order to do that, I will be posting at least 2 videos a month to my channel and at least 2 post a week to my blog.


I haven’t felt this excited and motivated in a long time. My focus is sharp and I am willing to put in the hard work for my end goals. Thank you all for hanging with me this past year and I hope you stick around to see whats more to come. Until next time….PeAce.

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