2017 · Beauty

Mad Lash Mascara (review)

Welcome back everyone! This post is going to be short, sweet, and right to the point. I am so excited to bring you this review of my all time favorite mascara. If you’re like me, and love the look of big fierce lashes, keep on reading lol Over the years I have tried so many,  some I loved, and some I hated. As of now, this Mad Lash is my fav! Check out their website here.

Personally I have never worn false lashes ( I really am going to try some soon), with this product I’ve been asked more than once “what lashes are you wearing?” This mascara separates each lash while giving me length. It goes on very smooth so don’t worry about that over possessed cakey look.

My bare lashes with no mascara

Afterwards as you can see, my lashes are gorgeous,  and I always get compliments on how long they look. So this jewel is is going to be my go to for a long time!

My lashes with the Mad Lash mascara


Thanks once again for stopping by…Until next time….PeAcE.

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