My big question is:

How do you work out correctly when you don’t want to lose weight?

Everyone keeps telling me that I should be focused on toning my body, not losing weight. I am a healthy over all weight and naturally slim. I do want to lose some weight around my belly and also tone my legs and arms. Make sure to check out my fitness poll here on my quiz page.

My biggest concerns are:

What workouts are best for slim women who want to tone only?

Is it worth it to hire a trainer?

Is meal prep important? If so how often a week?

Would it be smart to waist train?

Some advice I’ve received:

  • Change your diet
  • Begin a weight training routine
  • Work out 3 days a week, with a rest day in-between
  • Consume a protein shake after each workout
  • Keep cardio to a minimum
  • Consume healthy fatty foods

How many of you are actively living a fit/healthy lifestyle? What do you focus on more? What tips do you have for beginners ? Make sure to like, subscribe & comment….until next time….PeAcE.