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Be Fearless, Fabulous, & Fierce


  1. lacking fear:
    “a fearless defender of freedom”
    synonyms: bold · brave · courageous · intrepid · valiant · valorous · gallant

This year I am focusing on being fearless, fierce and fabulous. It takes a lot of focus, and self-reflection for me to set goals. It takes clarity and fearlessness in order for me to accomplish them.


  1. extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large:
    “fabulous riches”
    synonyms: tremendous · stupendous · prodigious · phenomenal · remarkable

I’ve started writing in my journal again. I write my thoughts down as soon as I wake up, and right before I fall asleep. This helps me to be able to look back and reflect on my day and jot down ideas to look back on. It makes me feel really good when I read my own words & see my growth.


  1. having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness:

    “as women, we need to accept that we can be fierce, cunning, and predatory” ·

    “the fierce air battles that ensued over the Pacific”

Have you ever had a time where you weren’t your most confident? Where even though you were prepared, you still felt fearful? I had to learn how to persevere and push through the uncertainty. When I fall down, it may take a bit, but I pick myself back up.

What are some ways you keep yourself motivated? Do you have a support system to help you when your unmotivated? Or do you tend to stay to yourself to handle it? leave me a comment to let me know! I would love to hear other opinions. so until next time…..PeAcE!!


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