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Keeping a fresh face & great skin in my 30s!

What is the 1st thing you think of when you see the hashtags #freshfaced #nomakeup #glowingskin #melanin #pamperyourself and #nofilter ?


Whenever I post a pic of myself on social media & I feel like my skin is looking silky smooth, I feel the most confident. As I have gotten older I have become almost obsessed with obtaining and keeping great skin. especially now that I wear makeup more.

I have a very simple yet effective face wash routine:

  • Everyday I wash with warm water
  • 4 times a week I use a face wash to ensure deep cleaning
  • Twice a week I use Clean & Clear black head clearing scrub to exfoliate
  • I moisturize my face with coconut oil. especially at night.
  • at least twice a month I use face masks

I am currently adding more DIY facials into my routine

Some cool benefits of getting facials ( both DIY at home & at a spa ) are:

  • cleaner, smaller pores
  • renewed, rejuvenated skin
  • absorbent skin
  • increased circulation
  • detoxification
  • softer, smoother skin

At Home DIY Face Masks are great when you are trying to save a few bucks and have many different varieties

Some of my favorites are:

  • The Calming Honey Mask ( 2 tablespoons of pure honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 wedge of lemon)
  • The exfoliating Brown Sugar Scrub Mask ( 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil )
  • The Hydrating Avocado Mask ( half of a ripe avocado, 1 teaspoon plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey )

Make sure to know and learn about your skin!
I also make sure to not go to bed with makeup on, drink as much water as I can, and use sunscreen in the sun. I am looking forward to having healthy skin for as long as I can. What routines do you use for clear skin? What products do you use? be sure to like and comment. Until next time…PeAcE.

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