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The formation of

A few days ago, I had someone on twitter ask me “why did you start corporateandcurly?” I thought I would be able to answer that question easily, but after having my words stuck in my throat for too long, I realized I had to think about it. Also, before you go on…make sure you subscribe to this site, my Twitter feed and YouTube channel so your always first to get new content.

The formation of

I’ve always been a writer. rather it be poetry, short stories (I even wrote a chapter book that is on sale online), or even essays. I got the idea to start blogging around 2013. I was definitely timid and very shy. Worried about “what people would think?” After about a year of going natural,  I wanted to document my progress. I just didn’t know how to start.


The beginning……

I have worked in the corporate world for over 10 years now. I was very intimidated to wear my natural hair at first. I hid it during interviews with weaves or straightened it. Mind you back in 2012 having natural hair wasn’t as popular as it is now. In the beginning, at my office, I was the only one who wore my curls, braids, twist outs, etc. While my other natural sistas wore mostly weaves and straightened hair. I did get a lot of looks, many stares, and questions. One day at my desk, I went on wordpress to start, and after about a month I brought my domain name “” and ran with it. After my first post I felt so empowered. I knew there were other women out there who felt like I was at the time: unsure rather than unique because of how we chose to wear our hair.

It has been almost 2 years since I started my website/brand. I have a lot of support and many people who look to my blog for advice and questions. I have become very confident in my website as well as my hair. I am often still the only one in the office with my big beautiful curls, and I LOVE IT!!

My Goals For My Brand….

Like any other person starting a business, I have many goals and aspirations. I really want to grow corporateandcurly into something big. I am in the process of trademarking my brand and hiring an editor to help me out. I will continue to help empower, motivate, and uplift women to become even better versions of themselves. I want all natural woman to feel their most confident in the boardroom with their twistouts. I want the lawyers to know you can still be professional with dreads. You can lead the world and still wear cornrolls.

Thank all of you for your continued support. Thank you for all the comments and opinions through the site as well as through my social media. Please remember to subscribe if you haven’t already. Any opinions are welcomed. Until next time we meet again…PeAcE.

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