Wearing your natural hair is very rewarding yet challenging at times. Exploring different styles and products is just part of the game. When you wear any type of twist out or curly style, you have to freshen up those curls the following days, so that they look just as defined. Here is a quick step by step on how I freshen up my curls after a twist out. Very easy and simple:

  1. Section off hair (work 1 section at a time)
  2. Spray section with water
  3. Finger detangle
  4. Add minimal product using prayer hands
  5. Finger detangle again
  6. Repeat each section
  7. Let hair air dry

After a few days of twists I usually take them down and wear my hair curly. After a few days of my curly style, I brush it up into a curly puff and my curls are style defined:


Pic 1: 2 day old twist

Pic 2: 2 day old twistout

Pic 3: 5 days after twistout

 How long do you wear your twists? Twistouts? How do you redefine your curls after styling? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to press the follow button! Until next time….PeAcE ✌