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Great Things to Come + Announcements!!

Hi there corporateandcurly! I know its been a minute so bear with me lol I will try my best to keep it short and sweet and not babble on like I normally do :). Its been over a month since my last post (blah) but I promise I haven’t strayed away. Also if you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? lol


A few things have happened all at once, I’ve moved, started a new job, as well as will be starting school again soon. So I have been a little busy bee. I haven’t been to busy to not see the devastation we as a nation has been going through, as well as globally.

With so much devastation it can be hard to stay positive. So much horrible weather, racism, and mass shootings. It makes me sick to my stomach honestly. I make sure to pray throughout the day for strength, and also for the individuals hurting physically, and emotionally through these trying times.

Praying for the victims of the las Vegas shooting at the The Route 91 Harvest Festival. Over 500 injured and 59 people lost their lives way too soon.


I do have a little bit of good news!

Starting today I will be uploading content weekly (every Wednesday) so make sure to follow the site so that you will never miss out on a post!


As many of my followers know I also have a youtube channel which do my vlogging (Check it out here!). I am happy to announce that me and my daughter Ne’Vaeh will be starting our own channel! we are still ironing out details but it will be focused on having a healthy mommy-daughter relationship, reaction videos, tutorials, weekly convos, contests, and more! it is comething we have been working on for a few months, and hopefully by mid March we will be up and running!

Be sure to check back each week for new content. Be on the lookout for our new mommy daughter channel coming soon to youtube. Until next time….PeAcE!!



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