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💋Keeping Lips Beautiful, Sexy & moist all Autum long!💋

Hey there! Fall is my all time favorite season. Who doesn’t love knee boots and cute scarfs paired with browns, nudes, forest greens and Mauve colors? Unfortunately around this time the air gets cooler, and unfortunately for me, that means my lips will get dry. I have a few tips, tricks, and products that I love to use, especially during these cooler months. Nothing is worse than dry, cracked lips! (If you haven’t already, press follow or sign up with your email address so that you never miss a post!!)


Exfoliating is for your lips too

If you exfoliate your body and/or face, then you know the benefits it does to your skin. It does the same thing for your lips! I have been using Skinn Sugar Lips by Dimitri James for a while now. I use it a few times a week while I’m washing my face. Rub it in my lips and wash off with warm water. You can literally feel the dead skin coming off. Click here to see the whole ipsy review.



I can’t stress enough how important it is to moisturize your lips all year round, and especially as the air gets bitter. having your lip gloss poppin is cool and all, but it does nothing to moisturize my lips when needed. I have 3 go to lip moisturizers that I use, and so far they have never done me wrong.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter

Chapstick Classic Original


The biggest reason your skin, and lips dry out is because you may be dehydrated. Drinking lots of water is essential to making sure your lips don’t get dry and chapped Try to get in at least 8 glasses a day and watch the difference in how healthy your skin and lips look.


Protect your lips while sleeping

Applying a thick layer of petroleum jelly or a beeswax lip balm before you sleep. It really helps to protect the lips overnight. Your lips absorb throughout the night, leaving you waking up with soft moisturized lips.


Don’t get it twisted, these tips can be used by men as well lol no one should have chapped lips this fall!! Use these tips and tricks to make sure you have moist, soft, kissable lips! Until next time…..PeAcE!

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