Philips Bikini Perfect review *ad*

Hey there! I am excited to give a review on this Philips Bikini perfect system. I was given this product for free for my review. Check out my target.com review here! (I’m the 3rd reviewer) For anyone who doesn’t see it, check out my review below for my corporateandcurly followers!!!


Ok let’s face it, not every woman can withstand a bikini wax (me included) but most of us do like to keep it nice and trimmed down there. I usually use hair removal cream and a razor, and to be honest they haven’t failed me. I must admit after using this product I just may have to change my tune.


Pros: Rechargeable, you can use wet or dry, easy to take on the go, includes travel bag (to keep the 5 pieces in tact), full battery charge lasts 1 hour, can be used all over the body as well


Cons: Cleaning it, even though to me its the same as cleaning a mans razor.

I would suggest you pick up this kit and try it out. It did do exactly what it was supposed to and I was pleasantly surprised!

I would like to thank the Philip company for letting me try out this product, and I give it 2 thumbs up!

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