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2018!!!! Obtaining Goals and Staying Away from Resolutions

Happy 2018 everyone!! Thank all of my followers for hanging in there with me for yet another year! I cannot even express how happy and humbled I am for all of your continued support! I remember when this blog was just a thought I had 1 day while working at the Federal Reserve Building, being 1 of the only black women there with natural hair. Now it has manifested into hair, beauty, wellness, and more! Stay tuned for 2018 because there is even more to come! to check out my 2017 new years post click here!

Each year I think we all have a few things we would like to work on for the new year ahead, I hate to call them resolutions. I am looking at them as goals I plan to accomplish. There is nothing wrong with finding things about yourself you want to improve, and starting them fresh for the new year. Here are a few things I myself would like to work on more for 2018. These are very personal to me and major goals I want to tackle.

Fear of flying:

 people close to me know I have a huge fear of heights, but also planes in general. Years ago I worked in an airport and didn’t last long as I had frequent anxiety attacks. I am ready to travel and see the world and definitely ready to get over my fear of flying.

Blogging/vlogging more:

 I’ve always loved to write, so blogging really came natural to me. Vlogging did as well, 1 thing ive learned is that is this is your craft, you must nurture it and spend time. I am trying to dedicate specific days and times of the week to push out blogs and videos so I can be more consistent for you all my followers.

Get healthy:

 I am hoping this is not much of a problem for me. My #1 pet peeve is eating right lol I have always eaten what I wanted. I am naturally short and kind of thin (I weight 139), but I do want to live longer! More water, lean meats, cut down on my salt intake, etc. I will start with baby steps for sure.


Smile more/interact more:

 I have the tendency to not accept any BS, from anyone, so at times it may come off as being mean. I am not though, anyone who knows me would say I am very sweet and open-hearted. I will try my best to smile more for no reason, and think about my words before I say them.


Spending more time with my daughter:

 I already do this often, but I want to do more. My only child will become a teenager this summer. We all know how that age is. I want to do more DIY crafts together, dinners and movies together, just anything with her that shows her she is loved and that I have her back. We have a great bond, I want to build it to the strongest it can get.


Last but not least…….PUTTING MYSELF 1ST!!

Yes I do have a child and she is my 1st priority, but how can I even be a great effective mom if I myself am not great inside? I tend to make sure everyone else around me is ok. This year that will not change, but I will make sure I am ok 1st. You cannot be an effective parent if you are depressed, sad, stressed, worried, full of anxiety, hopeless for the future, etc. You can only fake the funk so long until you can’t take it anymore. I will take myself out on dates, pamper myself more, love myself more, and continue to be my own #1 fan!


Thanks a lot for stopping by. What are some goals you have for the 2018 year? Enter in the comment section so we can start a dialog. Don’t forget to check out the new 2018 poll! enter your answers and see how you match up with my other followers. Until we meet again….PeAcE!




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