2018 · Beauty · Black Girl Magic

All This Black Girl Magic 2018!

Am I the only one excited about all this black girl magic 2018 is showing so far? From music, to movies to television and all in between. The melanin is showing up and showing out! Here are some of my favorite moments so far:

Oprah Winfrey’s 2018 Golden Globes speech


Oprah is a cultural icon in my eyes. When I watched her speak when she won the honorary Cecil B Denille award for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment, I felt so proud. She did not forget to mention the nameless countless woman of everyday. She made sure we remembered the importance of Rosa Parks and also introduced who Recy Taylor is (for those whom did not know). She spoke on us feeling shame, weakened, and powerless. She reminded us to find our voices, so that no woman or girl should ever have to say: “me too” ever again.

Tifany Haddish (She Ready!!)


I am sooooo excited for this one! I have been rocking with Tiffany for years now. I have always loved her stand up comedy. She is raw, gritty and has no filter. I fell deeply for her when I saw her breakfast club interview. She was so transparent and an open book. Just hearing about her struggles growing up, being in foster care, and overcoming it all furthermore shows me how resilient we are as black women, and that if I put my mind to it, I can become anything I put my mind to.


Women celebs showing support on social media

I love Gabrielle Union! If you follow her on instagram like I do, then you’ve noticed how months ago she started to dedicate whole posts dedicated to women she admire and wants to show love to. She started the foundation to show us its ok to be supportive of one another, its okay not to be competitive. I hope we as woman continue this trend.



Divorces up/Disrespect down

Yes I do believe in marriage. Real marriage that is lol So it did bother me when I saw all of these black women getting divorced at alarming rates. After you see how they were treated, disrespected, etc I understand why it was done. No matter how famous you are you still have pride and morals. No one deserves disrespect. Then to see these men want alimony and to drag their names in the mud. One word: Disgusting! (I do want to say this does not pertain to Jennifer Hudson’s ex David Otenga, he has always stayed respectful during this process)

 The Women of Black Panther

I am more than excited to see this movie! Just watching the trailer gave me chills. Finally a movie my daughter can watch and see herself over and over again. So much melanin, beauty, poise, grace and honor in one movie played by many African American women. This movie is going to be a classic! This will be the movie of the year!

Are you loving all of this black girl magic so far? I am too! Thanks for stopping by…..PeAcE.

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