🍁🍂Fall Ready🍂🍁

We are into our last week of summer. Even though that signals the end of laying on the beach and summer vacas, it reminds me that my favorite time of year is about to start: Autumn!

I am ready for cute scarves and knee boots. I can’t forget about pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!

The cool fall air actually does great for my hair. I try to wear protective styles in the summer as humid conditions really curls my hair and makes my scalp sweat. The low humidity of fall helps to keep my scalp dry as well as hold my natural hair styles.

I have to make sure to visit the Apple orchard and the pumpkin patch this year. I promised my 13 year old daughter that we can curve pumpkins this season lol I also want to try to attend a Halloween party (or 2!)

Do you enjoy Fall as much as I do? What are some of your favs about the season? Leave your responses below.

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