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**5 Ways to Easily Combat Stress in the Workplace**

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We all know what stress is, and what it looks and feels like. Its something we all have experienced one way or another. Some of us may experience it moe than others, because of your place of work. Me personally, sometimes working in a corporate setting can really be stressful. So I wanted to give a few tips and tricks to help with stress while at work:


Take Deep Breathes

Taking a few minutes away to just close your eyes and breath deeply, really makes a difference. In through your nose, out your mouth. Even if its only for 2 or 3 minutes. It slows the heart rate down, and helps to release negeitive energy.


Eat right

Keeping a balanced diet is a must, especially if you are prone to stressful situations. Making sure you eat 3 main meals a day, and healthy snacks can help. It keeps your mind focused and not on being hungry, which makes a stressful situation even worse. Even keeping snacks like nuts and fruits nearby can help a rumbling tummy.



Find a Happy Place!

At some places of employment, they have seperate rooms or areas specifically for people who need to step away for a minute or 2. At my job on each floor we have places called “quiet rooms”. In these roms are comfy seats, a phone, table and chair and nice soothing art work on the walls. If your place of work does not have 1, you can always just take a few minutes away to yourself in any quiet area. Being able to b a lone for a bit and just calm down, helps trememndously.



Remember what you are there for

We all know we go to work because we have bills and a lifestyle to maintain. As soon as you feel overwhelmed at work, calm down, and remind yourself that a bad day is not worse losing your cool or your job.



Remember The wonderful person you are

This is my favorite on this list! When I am very upset and stressed out with negative thoughts, I remind myself  of how much of an awesome person I am. I have to tell myself that this is just 1 day, not life. I tell myself that I am a happy, positive person. Remind yourself how strong and resilient you are. In time, you will feel that stress slipping away.


What ways do you get stress free at work? leave your answers in the comments below. Until next time…PeAcE!



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