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➡️Influencer Vox Box *review*⬅️

Hey there! I wanted to show you all some of the great products I received from Influencer! If you would like to join the influencer team join here! They send out a Vox Box for you to try and give reviews. Here is what I received and I am excited to share:

I love when subscription boxes send you full sized products! I have to admit, the banana chips by crispy green were amazing! Me and my daughter loved them!

I did a whole unboxing video and review on my youtube channel. So go on and check it out! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my channel and like the video.

I hope you enjoyed my vox box. Until next time….PeAcE.

2 thoughts on “➡️Influencer Vox Box *review*⬅️

    1. Yes, from what I’ve seen the best way is to promote the box on your social media and made sure to use all hashtags so influencer can see it. After that they will keep sending boxes for review.

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