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Fall ready protective styles *Slide Show* (Read to bottom for contest info)

Protecting our hair is a must all year around, for me It is the most important when the humidity changes in the air. With my 4b/c type hair it can curl up into a ball very quickly, So I make sure to implement styles for myself and my 13 year old daughter that will look nice while protecting our tresses.

This is a good time to check out my Protective Style Series if you have not already

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Here are a few of my favorite protective styles: Weaves, 2 strand twists, twist outs, French braids, box braids, and you can never go wrong with a cute head wrap.

What are some of your favorite protective styles for the fall and upcoming winter? Show some love and your answers down below.

If you havent already go ahead and subscribe so you will not miss anything. There is going to be some great stuff coming up in the next few months with corporateandcurly.

What do you all think about me doing contests and giveaways? Pretty much like a scavenger hunt through the site, and the winner will get a goodie bag! Shipping paid for by me. What do you think?Let me know. Until next time. PeAcE.

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