2018 · Female

🚺Pads VS Tampons VS Cups: Which do you prefer?🚺

We all know what time of the month means. Wether you call it a menstruation, period, menstrual, or menses, we all know we need protection during this time. I have heard many stories of why women choose 1 or the other, or both. I want to know what do you prefer and why. Now a days we have options like the pad, tampon & cup. Personally my go to is pads. I got toxic shock syndrome years ago and also I am prone to bartholin cysts, so my doctor informed me no more tampons! I use scent free pads and my teenaged daughter does as well.


I have heard many horror stories surrounding tampons. Mostly of them being lost or forgotten inside and causing infection. Some women have been unable to have children after as well because of this. A lot of females go for the tampon as they are into fitness, swimming, and other activities and using a pad is mostly out of the question.

This day and age, no matter which option you choose, they also have protection which is all natural and safe. I personally have not tried any cups, and I really do not want to.

What is your go to protection for that time of the month? What advice would you give a young girl on what to use for her period? What success or horror stories do you have? Leave comments and questions below.

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