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Talk About it Tuesdays {The Senseless Murder of Clark Atlanta University Student Alexis Crawford}

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For Talk About it Tuesday I would like to touch on the death of black student Alexis Crawford, 21 whom attended Clark Atlanta university. By now you probably know that her good friend Jordyn Jones was 1 of 2 individuals charged with her murder.

CNN reports state that “Alexis vanished from her off-campus apartment more than a week ago and was found dead in a park in nearby Dekalb County on Friday. Police identified the suspects as Jordyn Jones and Barron Brantley, both 21. One of the two suspects led investigators to where her body was found.”

Different sources state that the exact motive is under investigation. Police officials have confirmed Crawford filed a complaint against Brantley three days before she disappeared.

In the report, Crawford accused Brantley of sexually assaulting her inside the apartment she shared with Jones. 

View CNN video here

I cannot stress the fact of being cautious of the company you keep, but he blame here should be focused on the manipulative killers.

No matter how much you comb thru your friends with a fine toothed comb. It is unrealistic to think u can know everyone’s true intentions, even close friends. If there was a sign, maybe she didn’t see it, or when she did it was too late.

It is horrible that this beautiful young queen lost her life too soon, especially from the hands of people she knew. Let’s continue to pray for her and her family and remember to keep your eyes opened at all times.




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