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Money Motivated Monday {Cutting Down Your Expenses}

Let’s continue the Monday conversation about how to save and expand our finances. To day we need to get real about cutting costs and expenses. Trust me I know it’s easier said than done. With focus and determination it can be done. Let’s look at a few options:

  • Make your own lunch for work – Do you really take into account how much you spend a week on lunch/snacks for work? You can save. For instance spending $10 per meal can save you about $2,500 a year!

  • Say “bye bye” to cableI said it before, give it about 10 years and cable will be a non factor. Monthly streaming is cheaper than any cable bill. I have Hulu, Netflix, Tubi, and YouTube and I don’t miss any of my shows. That’s about $30 which includes my internet bill. Way cheaper than a $80 cable package.

  • Skip going out with friendsWe all know going out for food and drinks with friends can get pricey. Defining to stay in and have fun is a lot cheaper. Play a movie, some music, games, and your own food and cocktail’s are a lot cheaper than a night out.

  • Live close to your job – Me personally, I would never work more than an hour away from my home. You can save so much by living closer to you job. The savings on transportation alone can add up fast!

What are some suggestions you have for cutting down costs. Let me know til n the comment section. Until next time…PeAcE!