Great Things to Come + Announcements!!

Hi there corporateandcurly! I know its been a minute so bear with me lol I will try my best to keep it short and sweet and not babble on like I normally do :). Its been over a month since my last post (blah) but I promise I haven't strayed away. Also if you haven't … Continue reading Great Things to Come + Announcements!!


Refresh Those Curls! 馃憤馃憤

Wearing your natural hair is very rewarding yet challenging at times. Exploring different styles and products is just part of the game. When you wear any type of twist out or curly style, you have to freshen up those curls the following days, so that they look just as defined. Here is a quick step … Continue reading Refresh Those Curls! 馃憤馃憤

Swimclassy 25% off with code corporateandcurly

Welcome back to corporateandcurly!! If you haven't already, please like and subscribe. we can all agree that summertime is right around the corner, (even though here in聽MN we got a few flurries today). If you haven't already, of course you need a great swimsuit and swimwear. I am happy to announce that now you can … Continue reading Swimclassy 25% off with code corporateandcurly

The formation of

A few days ago, I had someone on twitter ask me "why did you start corporateandcurly?" I thought I would be able to answer that question easily, but after having my words stuck in my throat for too long, I realized I had to think about it. Also, before you go on...make sure you subscribe … Continue reading The formation of

Be Fearless, Fabulous, & Fierce

fear路less ADJECTIVE lacking fear: "a fearless defender of freedom" synonyms: bold 路 brave 路 courageous 路 intrepid 路 valiant 路 valorous 路 gallant This year I am focusing on being fearless, fierce and fabulous. It takes a lot of focus, and self-reflection for me to set goals. It takes clarity and fearlessness in order for … Continue reading Be Fearless, Fabulous, & Fierce