~The bigger the hair the better, even at the office~

馃専April Ipsy Bag Reveal!!馃専 ( my best one ever!! )

Here at corporateandcurly you know we love a good ipsy bag. I must admit I am so excited to share this with all of you as this is my best ipsy bag yet! If you don't subscribe to ipsy, you... Continue Reading →

Keeping a fresh face & great skin in my 30s!

What is the 1st thing you think of when you see the hashtags #freshfaced #nomakeup #glowingskin #melanin #pamperyourself and #nofilter ? GREAT SKIN!!! Whenever I post a pic of myself on social media &聽I聽feel like聽my skin is looking silky smooth,... Continue Reading →

Be Fearless, Fabulous, & Fierce

fear路less ADJECTIVE lacking fear: "a fearless defender of freedom" synonyms: bold 路 brave 路 courageous 路 intrepid 路 valiant 路 valorous 路 gallant This year I am focusing on being fearless, fierce and fabulous. It takes a lot of focus,... Continue Reading →

Getting fit and eating right ****when your goal is not to lose weight****

  My big question is: How do you work out correctly when you don't want to lose weight? Everyone keeps telling me that I should be focused on toning my body, not losing weight. I am a healthy over all... Continue Reading →

馃寛鈽锔廙arch Ipsy bag Reveal!鈽锔忦煂

I haven't done an Ipsy Reveal in a few months. With spring just starting I wanted to show some of the great products I received. Like me I think u will be very satisfied. Each bag I receive shows how... Continue Reading →

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