~The bigger the hair the better, even at the office~

Swimclassy 25% off with code corporateandcurly

Welcome back to corporateandcurly!! If you haven't already, please like and subscribe. we can all agree that summertime is right around the corner, (even though here in聽MN we got a few flurries today). If you haven't already, of course you... Continue Reading →

The formation of

A few days ago, I had someone on twitter ask me "why did you start corporateandcurly?" I thought I would be able to answer that question easily, but after having my words stuck in my throat for too long, I... Continue Reading →

馃専April Ipsy Bag Reveal!!馃専 ( my best one ever!! )

Here at corporateandcurly you know we love a good ipsy bag. I must admit I am so excited to share this with all of you as this is my best ipsy bag yet! If you don't subscribe to ipsy, you... Continue Reading →

Keeping a fresh face & great skin in my 30s!

What is the 1st thing you think of when you see the hashtags #freshfaced #nomakeup #glowingskin #melanin #pamperyourself and #nofilter ? GREAT SKIN!!! Whenever I post a pic of myself on social media &聽I聽feel like聽my skin is looking silky smooth,... Continue Reading →

Be Fearless, Fabulous, & Fierce

fear路less ADJECTIVE lacking fear: "a fearless defender of freedom" synonyms: bold 路 brave 路 courageous 路 intrepid 路 valiant 路 valorous 路 gallant This year I am focusing on being fearless, fierce and fabulous. It takes a lot of focus,... Continue Reading →

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