2018 · Female

🚺Pads VS Tampons VS Cups: Which do you prefer?🚺

We all know what time of the month means. Wether you call it a menstruation, period, menstrual, or menses, we all know we need protection during this time. I have heard many stories of why women choose 1 or the other, or both. I want to know what do you prefer and why. Now a… Continue reading 🚺Pads VS Tampons VS Cups: Which do you prefer?🚺


Philips Bikini Perfect review *ad*

Hey there! I am excited to give a review on this Philips Bikini perfect system. I was given this product for free for my review. Check out my target.com review here! (I'm the 3rd reviewer) For anyone who doesn't see it, check out my review below for my corporateandcurly followers!!! T.M.I. Ok let's face it, not every… Continue reading Philips Bikini Perfect review *ad*